To hell with it. I’m done. I’m tired of chasing after lines, I’m tired of technical errors, and I’ve long realized I’m not cut out for any of this.

I present to you Episode 11 of Kisuke no Seitenkan. It’s not 100% done, but the materials remaining aren’t likely to come without me pushing for them another few months. It’s been on standstill for a long time and my patience has long run dry.

I lost the converter I was planning to use somehow, and ended up just grabbing my old buddy Moyea, with it’s hugeass watermark. The OP is clean only because I used the default converter in Flash, but the resulting file so huge it took Youtube a full hour to convert it.

Currently, all my power is running into Eternal Project, a galge taking place in the same universe. It’s an actually staffed project, so chances are it won’t be as shit. I won’t be doing the final visuals, so at the very least, it should look good.

This will probably be the last release for a long while. Episode 12’s script never came back from editing, and I’m not feeling particularly inspired to work on it. I’ll do a short video for the 5th anniversary next year, but as far as full episodes go… Eh. I’ll pick it back up someday.

Radio KisuSei is still a possibility, but that’s all in the hands of Yuki and Ruru… We have the script set at least. It all comes down to whether or not it’ll be recorded.

And yeah, I guess that’s about all I wanted to say. Thanks for following the series up to now, and thanks to the staff for putting up with my demands.