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To hell with it. I’m done. I’m tired of chasing after lines, I’m tired of technical errors, and I’ve long realized I’m not cut out for any of this.

I present to you Episode 11 of Kisuke no Seitenkan. It’s not 100% done, but the materials remaining aren’t likely to come without me pushing for them another few months. It’s been on standstill for a long time and my patience has long run dry.

I lost the converter I was planning to use somehow, and ended up just grabbing my old buddy Moyea, with it’s hugeass watermark. The OP is clean only because I used the default converter in Flash, but the resulting file so huge it took Youtube a full hour to convert it.

Currently, all my power is running into Eternal Project, a galge taking place in the same universe. It’s an actually staffed project, so chances are it won’t be as shit. I won’t be doing the final visuals, so at the very least, it should look good.

This will probably be the last release for a long while. Episode 12’s script never came back from editing, and I’m not feeling particularly inspired to work on it. I’ll do a short video for the 5th anniversary next year, but as far as full episodes go… Eh. I’ll pick it back up someday.

Radio KisuSei is still a possibility, but that’s all in the hands of Yuki and Ruru… We have the script set at least. It all comes down to whether or not it’ll be recorded.

And yeah, I guess that’s about all I wanted to say. Thanks for following the series up to now, and thanks to the staff for putting up with my demands.


It’s still waiting for lines and music composition by the way.
What am I even doing?


It’s still waiting for lines and music composition by the way.

What am I even doing?

you're my major inspiration to make my own fanime! thank you so much!

You have a tough road ahead of yourself. Good luck!

KisuSei Update - 9/12/12

Now I’m not sure how many of you follow my personal blog, or how many of you would even read this, but I figured I might as well post an update on my current status on this project.

As of right now, Episode 12 is at a stand-still, and has been for at least the past month. I tried getting a new castings for Fuyuki, but lines have yet to come in. Likewise, VoiceRocker hasn’t responded in a long while, and Hangman has barely touched composition for the opening theme song of Magical Girl Risu.

Radio KisuSei is moving, I guess, but again, I’m waiting on recordings. The script is done, being a fairly condensed Japanese version of the original one I written.

As for Episode 13, it’s started, but I haven’t been feeling motivated. The script is still in the editing process and my interests have been leaning more towards a visual novel collab project I’ve started a couple weeks ago, ETERNAL Project (linked to KisuSei in a Chaos;Head Steins;Gate kind of way).

For the future of the series, I still plan on seeing it through to the end. But recently, it’s been feeling like a real pain in the ass, and I’ve started considering even changing the medium to an episodic visual novel thing, depending on how okay people actually think my writing is.

Flash is a real pain to work with, you know? With all the conversions you have to make, then the timing doesn’t come out right, the video quality isn’t near as good…. Checking on lines with a hard to communicate staff is no fun either, everyone knows I can’t draw for shit, the releases are so far apart nobody would even remember what happened the previous episode, etc.

Yeah. Guess I’ll shut up for now.

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